Consultation and treatment

In the first consultation you will tell me why you’ve come to get treated. By asking you for more details and certain questions (all coming from the Chinese medicine practice), I will try to get a clear image. These questions may deal with your sleeping habits, your digestion, your emotions, etc. We will go over many aspects that may play an important role, according to Chinese medicine. This is how I will try to get a good first impression. Then I will feel your pulse. This will take a while. I will try to assess what the body itself tells about the Qi of the organs and the meridians, by feeling the pulse at six different positions on your arm.

Now my first impression is complete. When you are in a comfortable position I will put a few small needles at different points of your body.
The needles are very thin, disinfected and made of stainless steel. They will stay in place for twenty minutes, I will be around, and I will monitor the effects by checking your pulse. In the next consultation we will take a look at the current situation and the treatment will be adjusted to keep it well suited to your needs. Patients who are suffering from the same problems might need different treatments, everyone has their own balance.