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For proper treatment it is necessary to make a file with your personal data.. This is a legal obligation imposed by the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO).

Your file contains your personal data, notes about your health status and data about the examinations and treatments performed.

The file also contains information that may be necessary or important for your treatment, for example your living and working situation, hobbies, family situation / marital status. Or details that, after your explicit consent, have been requested from your doctor or another healthcare provider.

Your practitioner does his / her best to guarantee your privacy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG):

  • Take great care of your personal and medical details
  • Make sure unauthorized persons cannot access these data

Agreements are made with colleagues, for example, and measures are taken to keep the data secure.

Your practitioner is bound by the Privacy Regulations of the Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA). You can view these regulations on the NVA website

Only your practitioner, any trainee present (after your permission) and observer in the absence of your practitioner (after your permission) have access to the data in your file. They all have a duty of confidentiality.

A small part of your file (name, address, place of residence, date of birth) is provided to (sometimes two) authorized person (s) for the financial administration (accounting, issuing an invoice). note).

For the details of the Privacy policy of the Acupuncture Practice Sabine Schmitz see below.

My services are subject to health care legislation in the Netherlands and Dutch law in general, eg WGBO, Wkkgz, AVG.

Purpose of data recording

(para) medical treatment in the form of Classical Chinese medicine
administration, making appointments
collection of consultation costs
Invoicing for the client and, if applicable, the health insurer
comply with a legal obligation (eg tax return)

Un your file will be noted

  • name, address, city
  • telephone numbers
  • email address
  • date of birth
  • Special personal data
  • Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • (para) medical data
  • relevant social data (eg relationship, children, living and working situation, hobbies / sports)
  • contact details of the doctor and / or other practitioners.
  • For minors <16 years old is added
  • Name, address, telephone number and address of both parents
  • written permission from both parents

Retention period file

15 years after the last change / addition (WGBO)

Your data can also be used for the following purposes:

  • to inform other healthcare providers (for example, if you have given the consent)
  • treatment is completed or upon referral to another practitioner;
  • for use by an observer in the absence of your therapist;
  • for anonymized use during peer consultation, training for trainees or other teaching objectives;
  • anonymized (after your permission) for scientific research

If your practitioner wants to make use of your data for another reason, your permission will be requested in advance.

The healthcare invoice

The care invoice contains the information requested by the health insurer.

  • your name, address, city
  • your date of birth
  • possibly citizen service number
  • the date of the treatment and the invoice number
  • brief description of the treatment
  • performance code, for example 24104 acupuncture
  • the costs of the consultation
  • whether you have already paid the invoice or will still pay it.

Your rights:

  • At the intake I ask for your permission to record and process your data;
  • I note your permission in your file;
  • I do not record more data than is necessary for the purpose described;
  • You have the right to withdraw permission granted *;
  • You have the right to view, correct, delete and take your own data (data portability) *;
  • You have the right to submit a complaint about how your personal data is handled by me * and by the Dutch Data Protection Authority www.autoriteit;
  • I point out my privacy policy and where you can find it.

* You can report this in writing to the person responsible for protecting your data:

Sabine Schmitz

Brederodestraat 108

1054 VH Amsterdam

Persons who have access to the file data, outside the healthcare provider:

  • Observers
  • Interns
  • Colleague visitors
  • These persons are familiar with the privacy protection rules and have a confidentiality obligation.
  • I take measures to protect your data
  • Technical (file protection, computer, etc.)
  • Organizational (agreements and agreements)

Data breach reporting obligation

  • I have a data breach protocol.


The AVG is an extensive and complicated legal text. This AVG privacy statement is based on various sources, including the explanation from the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the Dutch Association for Acupuncture. I cannot guarantee that this information is completely correct, complete and current. The official legal text AVG remains the guiding principle.

In case you have a complaint I would invite you to discuss it with me. In such a case I’m always available for an appointment with you. In case this contact does have the requested result, or if you can’t or don’t want to talk to me for one reason or another, you could contact the following association: Stichting Zorggeschil, Postbus 132, 8430 AC Oosterwolde emailadres:, website: